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Overview of the transporting agreement between the VRPU & VHA for 2017 and 2018 race seasons.

Published on: October 31, 2016

  • North track Race points and dates will align starting 1.07.17 and finishing 11.11.17.We note that the second Yolla and the second Bourke would be optional for VRPU.
  • The 4 tracks that the VRPU fly would remain – North, North East, West and North West.
  • Our birds are picked up from the VRPU rooms.
  • The units will also be dropped back at our rooms.
  • Ply sheets would be provided by the VHA separating the VHA straw baskets from the VRPU wire baskets. The trailer transporting the pigeons on route to the race point and when required, will have a blind made of shade cloth closed to preventing inclement weather effecting the pigeons.
  • If there are too many birds for all to fit on the VHA’s main truck, then the VHA will provide a separate truck for our transport.
  • Release of birds would be 1/2 hour difference from any distance if we wish (except when weather does not permit).
  • Both Federations will alternate who liberates first up to the end of the 350 mile stage. From 400 mile onwards, it would be decided on a week by week basis as all up liberations become a consideration. (Tassie is an up together liberation)
  • A decision to change a race point or race day is made early in the week, but no later than Wednesday between David Wetering, David Crosbie, Tony Price and Jim Davis and no other persons.
  • Liberations times are generally in accordance with draft program tabled with both VHA and VRPU. Liberators from both federation will discuss and agreeing on the day the final time of the release or releases when separate.
  • If one group wants to hold over then that group pays the $650 fee. If both hold over it is split equally.
  • Payments in four equal parts spread over the season.
  • Quote covers all races except Tassie and the National.
  • Quote covers all insurances, fuel, water, convoyer, driver, truck, maintenance and GST.
  • Number of birds in our tiers is as per VRPU rules.
  • Back up transport is provided by Brislin Transport.
  • Quote is for the next 2 seasons (2017 and 2018) after which the offer is renegotiable unless one party defaults during the period.
  • Quote from the VHA is $19,500.00 but does not including the National and Tasmania races. Once these races are included the total amount is just short of the amount the WPF will charge. When you take into account the extra cost of around $7,000.00 to transport the pigeons to the WPF rooms as well the empty units being returned to the VRPU rooms, the true saving transporting with the VHA is at least $7,000.00. Not to mention the risk involved loading, unloading and loading the units when transporting with the WPF.
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