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President Tony Price

The Victorian Racing Pigeon Union is managed by a President, Secretary and 9 committee members who act on behalf of the membership under the auspices of the rules and regulations contained in the constitution.

In 2000, the Victorian Racing Pigeon Union played a significant part in the development of the Victorian Code of Practice for the keeping and Racing of Pigeons. The principle effect of this code is to ensure the welfare of the pigeons remains the prime consideration in all activities associated with the sport of racing pigeons. This was updated in 2023.

The VRPU encourages the breeding, racing and protection of racing pigeons. The Federation conducts races between all affiliated clubs. We promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship and honesty in pigeon racing and aim to to increase participation in the sport.

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Report a Stray Pigeon – Telephone: 0477 299 665.

Race schedule 2024 Final

VRPB Code of Practice 2024 AD 170324

Model rules for an incorporated association 2024



VPU Direct Debit Bank details:

Bank: Commonwealth.

Acct: Society Cheque Account.

Acct Name: Victorian Racing Pigeon Union

BCB: 063164

Account No.: 00901765.





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VICTORIAN RACING PIGEON UNION FACEBOOK –https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Sports-Team/Victorian-Pigeon-Racing-Union-VRPU-100912057981771/

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