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Welcome to the VRPU

From the President

President Tony Price

The Victorian Racing Pigeon Union is managed by a President, Secretary and 9 committee members who act on behalf of the membership under the auspices of the rules and regulations contained in the constitution.

In 2000, the Victorian Racing Pigeon Union played a significant part in the development of the Victorian Code of Practice for the keeping and Racing of Pigeons. The principle effect of this code is to ensure the welfare of the pigeons remains the prime consideration in all activities associated with the sport of racing pigeons.

The VRPU encourages the breeding, racing and protection of racing pigeons. The Federation conducts races between all affiliated clubs. We promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship and honesty in pigeon racing and aim to to increase participation in the sport.

Head Quarters


Update 19th May 2020:

We advise that a revised 2020 racing schedule will be issued shortly, noting commencement date is 4th July 2020.

Update 14th May 2020:

Just a quick update.

We are pleased to advise that we have had confirmation from Special Unit set up by Victoria Police for enforcement of the COVID -19 restrictions advising  “From what I have been given below from my supervisors I would say practicing or training the pigeons would not be a breach of COVID restrictions”.
The advise is based on:
I think it is now safe to say we can commence our tossing in preparation  for the 2020 season.
Will update further after the Governments next revisions to restrictions on  June 1 2020.

To All Members,


Please find below a brief history to date regarding the commencement of tossing.

  • 20th April 2020: We sent a letter on behalf of all the Melbourne Federations to the Victorian Minister of Health requesting approval to commence tossing. No official response received as yet.
  • 11th May 2020: We contacted questioning whether we could commence tossing. The Officer advised that nothing would be officially published in the form of new restrictions until the 13th May 2020.
  • 12th May 2020: A call was received from John Share concerned as to whether we are legally allowed to commence tossing. We agreed John would follow up with Victoria Police, as they are the body that enforces any restrictions. No response received as yet but expected on 14th May 2020.
  • 12th May 2020: Received legal letter from Charles Hider advising, in his view, on reading the Victorian Government’s revised restrictions, we will be able to commence tossing from the 13th May 2020 (refer attached). Letter to VHA re tossing 110520.pdf
  • 13th May 2020: We again contacted – Business Section – Information Officer Nick who read through the current published restrictions (Restricted Activity No. 7) and verbally advised, that in his opinion, tossing pigeons complies with part 2(e) and part 6. He suggested we print a copy of this document and carry with us in the car when tossing (refer attached relevant pages).COVID-19 (a).pdf COVID-19 (b).pdf.

In summary, the legality of whether we can or cannot toss is vague as we haven’t received any official directive from a Victorian Government body. Therefore, we suggest that if you commence tossing, you carry a copy of all the attached notices until we receive written confirmation from a Victorian Government body. We note any tossing by a member is at the member’s own risk prior to us receiving required Government body notice.

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