Past Fed Winners

Fed Winners 2012


Fed Winners 2012

Kurting 1 : 28th July 2012 – 2138 birds – 60 flyers



Thomastown Club  flyer Wayne Williams takes out the first race of the short distance series with a little blue bar Houben hen (with a bit of Janssen thrown in for good measure). Wayne’s winning velocity of 1397.68 m/min was a clear 42 m/min ahead of his next rival.




Kurting 2 : 4th August 2012 – 2183 birds – 61 flyers



Len La Sala of the Pascoe Vale Club wins the 2nd Kurting race of the short distance series with a blue chequer hen. At a velocity of 1451.79 m/min Len was only 8 m/min faster than his nearest rival.




Wycheproof 1 : 11th August 2012 – 2179 birds – 59 flyers



Nabil Pethyo of the Broadmeadows Club picks up his first ever 1st Fed with a Mealy cock winning from Wycheproof  an average distance of 235 kms. His winning velocity of 1150.12 m/min was again only 8 m/min ahead of second place.




Wycheproof 2 : 18th August 2012 – 1783 birds – 55 flyers



“What an effort”.Thomastown Club  flyer Wayne Williams takes out the 2nd Wycheproof with the same  little blue bar Houben hen (with a bit of Janssen thrown in for good measure). Wayne’s winning velocity of 1194.62 m/min was only 4 m/min ahead of his next rival who incidentally was second to Wayne in the first race!!




Wycheproof 3 : 25th August 2012 – 2051 birds – 58 flyers



In only his second year in racing,Steve Veljanovski of the Fawkner Club wins his first ever Fed with a winning velocity of 1579.79 m/min, 7 m/min ahead of his next rival. The little blue bar chequer pied of unkown origin…..”The Mystery hen” is a sister to the cock that Steve has Fedded with 3 times this season!! Steve is the Northern most flyer in his club living in Wallan and with today’s west/north west winds, it was a mighty bird that could pull out so short.Well done Steve.



Mittyack 1 : 1st September 2012 – 1940 birds – 58 flyers



He’s back!! Vince Cannizzo of Aussie Lofts takes 1st Fed from Mittyack some 340kms. As Vince said ,the 2 year old blue bar hen doing 1208.47m/min beating  second place by 4m/min, was the only one to land for a while but she was good enough.




Mittyack 2 : 8th September 2012 – 1823 birds – 56 flyers



Two on the trot!! Vince Cannizzo wins the second Mittyack with a blue bar pied cock doing 1422.35m/min beating second place by only 0.9m/min. Congratulations.




Mittyack 3 Leo Fyffe Memorial : 15th September 2012 – 1675 birds – 52 flyers




The Leo Fyffe Memorial was won this year by the same team as last year, P. Anastasi & Sons of the Brimbank Club.What an effort!! Their 2 year old blue chequer hen doing 1239.31m/min beat second place by just 3.6m/min.Well done.




Mildura 1 K.Price Special : 22nd September 2012 – 1208 birds – 56 flyers



The K.Price special was won by first year flyer Rober Ziaja of the Brimbank Club. His blue bar hen from George Lup’s Janssen line ,which is a full sister to his last weeks 10th Fed bird flew 1351.85m/min to win by 1.96m/min from second place. Congratulation Robert on your first ,first Fed.



Mildura 2 : 30th September 2012 – 1281 birds – 54 flyers



Steve does it again with with a good fly from Mildura for his 2nd 1st Fed for the season. His yearling Blue bar cock flew 1219.76 beating second place by 4.24m/min.Well done Steve and keep it going.



Mildura 3  6th October 2012 – 958 birds – 48 flyers



Anthony Cocks and Family wins the tough H Parkinson Special with the old blood – a Wickham cock.The sire of this cock was gifted to Tony by Frank Velluto which was from the  David Finerty lines.Doing 844.54m/min,Tony beat second place by a convincing 13m/min.Congratulations on your first Federation for the year.



Renmark 1   13th October 2012 – 989 birds – 55 flyers



This weeks fed winner with his buddy George Lup.This weeks bird doing 1239.30m/m was a hen off a pigeon purchased from Keith Saggers last sale !!

Rob dropped two together , the other was a VanLoon cock.Robs second fed win for the season !!


Bookaloo 600 17th November 2012 – 535 Birds


J & L Share win the coverted Union Cup 600ml from Bookaloo and in doing so win the VRPU Long Distance Series and  join consistent flyer Wayne Williams in equally winning the Combined Aggregate for 2012.

Congratulation to Wayne for also clearly winning the Short Distance Series for 2012.

Well done all!!