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Fed Winners 2016 & Profiles


Race 1 Wedderburn 1. 12th June 2016 – 64 Flyers 2,390 Birds

Vella Family

The winner of the first race of the 2016 season was the Vella Family. Rennie Vella has only been racing for a few years and with the help of his wife Kelly, this is now their second federation win. In fact Kelly looks after nearly all the loft flying, feeding, bathing and calling the pigeons in from tossing. The winning pigeon is a Gaby cross Janssen 3 year old Blue Chequer Pied cock. Rennie would also thank Simon Grech, Michael Portelli and Dave Hunter for all their help and advice. In second place was R & M Simmons and Sons.



Race 2 Wedderburn 2. 18th June 2016 – 66 Flyers 2,630 Birds

Ranno Family


The winner of the second race of the 2016 season was the Ranno Family of the NSHC. A real family affair, their Blue Bar Pied hen won with a velocity of 1071.46m/min just 41 seconds ahead of second place getter The Untouchables.




Race 3 Birchip 1. 27th June 2016 – 66 Flyers 2,446 Birds

Charlie Grech


The winner of the third race was Kilmore Invitation Homing Club flyer Charlie Grech. His Blue Bar Pied hen had a winning velocity of  1288.03m/min again just 41 sec ahead of second place getter Wayne Williams & Son.




Race 4 Birchip 2. 2nd July 2016 – 64 Flyers 2,285 Birds

 R & M Simmons & Sons


The winner of this weeks race was Thomastown club flyers R & M Simmons & Sons.  The breeding of their winning pigeon a Blue Bar hen, is a mix of their Alwin Petrie imports and old Van Loon and Goodger lines. The winning velocity was 1530.9m/min just 2 seconds ahead  of fellow Thomastown flyer P & I Mountney




Race 5 Birchip 3. 9th July 2016 – 67 Flyers 2,287 Birds

Vic Borg


The third race from Birchip was won by top Brimbank flyer Borg Majorca Lofts – Vic Borg. His winning Blue Bar Pied hen’s breeding is Gaby Vandenabeele x Whickham and had a winning velocity 1284.92m/min just 38 seconds ahead of in second place Wayne Williams.




Race 6 Mittyak 1. 16th  July 2016 – 63 Flyers 1,978 Bird

David Cauchi & Tony Canatta


The winner of this weeks race was The Untouchables – David Cauchi & Tony Canatta. The winning mealy hens breeding is Pryor/Deweerdt, her velocity was 1334.45m/min just 39 seconds ahead of second place, the loft of R & M Simmons & Sons.




Race 7 Mittyak 2. 23rd  July 2016 – 61 Flyers 1,806 Birds

 Joshua’s Bullets


The second race from Mittyack, about 350km was Joshua’s Bullets. Young Joshua in his first year racing has accomplished what many flyers take years to achieve. A great result for Josh and his father. The winning pigeon, a Red Chequer hen had a velocity of 1460.66m/min. The father of the fed winner is John Share/ Joe Denaro and the mother is pure Goodger. Second place from the Wallen club was Strav & Sons.



Race 8 Mittyak 3. 30th  July 2016 – 65 Flyers 2,077 Birds

Benny Borg


The third race from Mittyack and the last Friday night basketing was won by Benny Borg from the Footscray Club. His winning 2015 rung Blue Chequer cock covered the 358 km in 3hr 6min and a Velocity of 1917.92 m/min. Second was another Borg, one of the VRPU top flyers George Borg.



Short Series Aggregate Winner

R & M Simmons and Sons


With the short series completed, the Aggregate winner with 115 points is R & M Simmons and Sons. Second was also Thomastown club member Wayne Williams & Son with 86 points and third with 76 points was Aussie Lofts.The first 20 flyers are awarded points with 20 points for 1st Federation, 19 for second and so on.Seven of Rod and Maggie’s pigeon received points out of eight races.



Race 9 Mildura 1. 6th August 2016 – 59 Flyers 1,398 Birds

Pat and Pauline Pace


The first race of the long distance series was won by husband and wife team Pat and Pauline Pace.Their 3 year old (Old life ring) Blue Bar hen “Mildura Miss” had a winning velocity 1556.18 and was bred for the Pace family by Joe Fava, ex WPF Flier. The breeding is Van Cutsem. Second federation was Paul Burlak.




Race 10 Mildura 2. 13th August 2016 – 60 Flyers 1,364 Birds

S & C Cini and Desira


The winner of the second race from Mildura is the loft of S & C Cini and Desira. Their Blue Bar hen had a winning velocity of 1463.73 m/min and the breeding is Koopman crossed Ponderosa Heremans – Ceusters.Steve Cini and brother in law Spiro Desira make up the racing partnership, with Steve’s wife Cynthia keeping everything under control. Second was Denaro & McDonald, their pigeon was also bred by Steve.

Cynthia Cini & Spiro Desira


Race 11 Mildura 3. 20th August 2016 – 59 Flyers 1,185 Birds

 R & M Simmons and Sons


One of this years prestige races the H. Parkinson Produce was won by Rod, Maggie and their sons. The winning velocity of their Blue Bar hen was 1,755.81 m/min and the breeding is Alwin Petrie x De Rauw-Sablon. In second place only 11 seconds behind is Wayne Williams & Son. Wayne is having a sensational race season.




Race 12 Coombah 1. 27th August 2016 – 60 Flyers 1,160 Birds

Vic Borg


In our first race from Coombah, 604km, Borg Marjorca Lofts made it 2 wins for the season. A fast winning velocity at 1,779.4 m/min from his 2 year old Blue Chequer cock. Another great result as well as consistent flying form Vic Borg. Second place was George Borg.



Race 13 Yolla Tasmania. 27th August 2016 – 59 Flyers 653 Birds

Wayne Williams & Son


After finishing very close all season Wayne Williams saluted the judge by winning from Yolla, Tasmania. The winning 2 year old Blue Bar hen is all Houben, and on a harder day had a winning velocity 923.65. Second placing, having a great first season after a long time out of the sport is V & T Dobson.




Race 14 Coombah George Whaley Memorial. 3rd September 2016 – 57 Flyers 1,013 Birds

Wayne Williams & Son


In this week’s race, Wayne Williams & Son won the second race from Coombah as well as completed back to back federation wins. Wayne’s Blue Chequer cock covered the 603.738km in just over 7 hours, and a velocity of 1425.03m/min.

Second federation is R & M Simmons and Sons.



Race 15 Coombah. 10th September 2016 – 53 Flyers 1,116 Birds

Tony Price


Tony Price won the last race from Coombah with a very smart Blue Chequer hen, her winning velocity was 1,213.26 m/min and just over 5 minutes in front of second place flyers S&C Cini and Desira.

Tony has a weekly training program of sending his pigeons north on Sunday for a mob toss at around 100km, then takes when mid week south to Altona beach for a shorter toss on their own. The winning pigeon is a mix of the Van Loon/Janssen’s from Aussie lofts and his father’s old lines.



Race 16 Cobar. 17th September 2016 – 54 Flyers 890 Birds

Paul Burlak


Congratulation to Paul Burlak for winning not just the race from Cobar 693km, but also his first ever federation. His Blue Chequer hen had a winning velocity of 1,720.35m/min and is basically all Jan Aarden.

Second place only 26 seconds behind was Kealba Avian Supplies.



Union $10,000.00 Classic. 18th September 2016

Xtreme Lofts


Racing 533km and clocking on the second day, Xtreme Lofts joined a selected few to win the VRPU $10,000.00 Classic. A family affair, their blue chequer cock had a winning velocity of 859.98m/min.

Second place was A & M Vella.



Race 17 Broken Hill. 24th September 2016 – 47 Flyers 901 Birds

Vic Borg


Borg Marjorca Lofts made it 3 wins for the season racing from Broken Hill 698km. The winning pigeon is a Blue Bar hen with a velocity of 1760.50 m/min.

Second place was also Borg Marjorca Lofts.



Race 18 Fowlers Gap. 1st October 2016 – 53 Flyers 892 Birds

Colin Cox


Racing from Fowlers Gap 796km (500 miles), Colin Cox won by the smallest of margins to John Floros.Over the years Colin has been one of the VRPU top flyers, and although he has won around 16 first fed’s, and been close on a number of occasion in this race, this is his first 500 mile race winner. Testament to how hard it can be to win this race.The winning pigeon is a Blue Chequer cock, with a velocity of 1533.40 m/min. Colin points out the breeding is a bit of everything, a Grizzle off a white Grizzle x Janssen crossed to a Pape Cock and Flor engles.



Race 19 Cobar National. 8th October 2016 – 55 Flyers 517 Birds

Paul Burlak


Paul Burlak is this year’s VRPU National winner racing from Cobar 693km. VPO14-7867 Blur Bar hen, Miss Lizzy, is a 2015 pigeon rung with an old ring. She won by 46 minutes on a very tough day and a velocity of 1,028.29 m/min. Miss Lizzy will now go into the stock loft, her breeding is Van Dyck x Heremans-Ceusters.

Second place was S & C Cini and Desira.



Race 20 Hawker. (Union Cup) 22nd October 2016 – 49 Flyers 866 Birds

Xtreme Lofts


The last race of the 2016 race season, the VRPU 600 mile race was changed to Hawker due to adverse weather. The new race point at 870km was won by Xtreme Lofts. Their Blue Chequer 2015 rung hen clocked in at 6.39am to win with a velocity 1139.08 m/min. Second federation was Borg Marjorca Lofts.





Distance Series Aggregate Winner

S & C Cini and Desira


The Distance aggregate was won by S & C Cini and Desira. Collecting a total of 126 points, they finished 8 points ahead of Denaro & McDonald.





Combined Aggregate Winner

R & M Simmons and Sons



Rod & Maggie Simmons and Sons (Winners1) after winning the short series aggregate topped off a great race season by winning the Combined Aggregate for 2016. With total points of 220, they finished 27 points ahead of Wayne Williams & Son in second place.





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